18 Addictive Kids Shows That Adults Secretly Love

The shows we watch as children can hold a special place in our hearts. An internet survey recently asked, “What kids’ show was so good when you were little that you could watch every episode again as an adult?” Here are the top 19 answers.

Looney Tunes

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

“They are where most people my age (69) first heard classical music. The Boston Symphony Orchestra used to run an instrument petting zoo every year. They played Looney Tunes cartoons in Symphony Hall non-stop all day.”

“My favorite all-time Bugs Bunny line is right after he finishes destroying a man’s bagpipes thinking that they were the Loch Ness monster, “Well, he put up a good fight. But clean livin’ prevailed.”

Hey Arnold

Photo Credit: Snee-Oosh, Inc.

“Watching it as an adult… it’s bittersweet because I watched it all the time as a kid, but, man, they really have some hidden gems in there I definitely didn’t understand.”

“Not gonna lie. That show helped me establish my morals.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Animation.

“If, at first, you don’t succeed, blame it on your parents,” even as an adult, that makes me giggle.”

“The fingerprints/ finger Prince bit is still my favorite in a cartoon.”

The Flintstones

The Flintstones Hanna-Barbera Productions
Photo Credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions.

“The Flintstones was originally aired in the early hours of the evening (primetime) and was aimed at adults.”

“My mom would laugh so much while watching it, and I would keep wondering why. I mostly liked the slapstick routines and the sound effects.”

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Warner Bros. Discovery
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery.

“It’s amazing how well the original animation of the 60s show still holds up. And the sound effects are so goofy you gotta love them.”

“Some of the newer stuff is a bit… odd. I watched one a few weeks ago in which Fred had a crippling net addiction and had extensively boobytrapped his house with them.”

The Magic School Bus

Photo Credit: Scholastic Productions.

“I knew I should have stayed home today!!”

“I teach science to kids, and they still like it! Almost as much as “Minecraft YouTube””


Wishbone Big Feats! Entertainment
Photo Credit: Big Feats! Entertainment.

“PBS programming back then was great! Watching Wishbone gave me an upper hand in my classical lit course at university. Ghost Writer was also excellent!”

“I am 51, so I wasn’t exactly a kid when this was on, but I can sing every word of the theme song and own a small Wishbone stuffy.”

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman_ The Animated Series Warner Bros. Animation
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Animation.

“90s – 2000s DC animation run was great, and those shows, including BTAS, remain my favorites ever since my dad placed them on when I was younger and when they aired on TV.”

“It’s severely underrated, too, so most people seem to have forgotten it existed.”


Gargoyles Walt Disney Television Animation
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television Animation.

“Did a rewatch when Disney+ started up. Very rewarding.”

“This!! I only started watching Star Trek TNG last year, and hearing all those familiar voices made me do a double take.”

Teen Titans

Teen Titans Teen Titans
Photo Credit: Teen Titans.

“The old one, not the new with weirdly animated characters.”

“Just introduced my son to this. He was addicted to Teen Titans Go but now prefers this and wants to know why it changed.”


Recess Walt Disney Television Animation
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television Animation.

“The episode about stickers was making fun of NFTs long before they were even a thing.”

“This is literally the only show on TV at my house ever since it went up on Disney+. It’s the best show in terms of nostalgia for me, and no other show captures the mind of children better than it. All the rumors, secrets, and relatable boredom take me back to my childhood with each episode!”

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar_ The Last Airbender Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Photo Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

“I saw it all for the first time at 28, and it’s great.”

“I keep forgetting it’s a kid’s show, it’s pretty mature in treating the audience like they understand things and don’t need everything spelled out, and they don’t avoid some tougher topics.”

Rocko’s Modern Life

Rocko_s Modern Life Joe Murray Productions
Photo Credit: Joe Murray Productions.

“I loved this show as a kid. This show is bizarre as an adult, and I can’t believe I watched it as a kid. I still love it…”

“Yes! This is my pick as well! It gets even better as an adult with all the innuendos!”

Invader Zim

Invader Zim Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Photo Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

“I am happy someone else loved this show. I still have the doom song as my ringtone.”

“I didn’t watch this until I was about 18. Can confirm it holds up for first-time not-a-kid watchers, too.”

Kim Possible

Kim Possible Walt Disney Television Animation
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television Animation.

“I binged all episodes as soon as Disney+ became available.”

“I have rewatched this so many times. I absolutely love Kim Possible.”

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow Lancit Media Productions
Photo Credit: Lancit Media Productions.

“Take a look. It’s in a book, a reading rainbooooowwwww!”

“I didn’t watch this all that much, and somehow I know every word to the theme song… which is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day.”

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb Disney Television Animation
Photo Credit: Disney Television Animation.

“I was not a kid when this came out, but I watched it with my oldest kids and now my youngest many years later. I still enjoy it. Also, it’s the only reason I know what the thing at the end of a shoelace is called.”

“It has one of the best soundtracks of any kid’s show.”

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog Stretch Films
Photo Credit: Stretch Films.

“As a kid, I remember it was creepy, sometimes terrifying, and very “artsy.” Courage is so goofy as an adult, and the show is much sweeter than I remembered.”

“It’s my all-time favorite show. I’ve rewatched it a couple of times since childhood.”