19 TV Dramas That Wore Out Their Welcome

There’s no denying that we all love a good TV series that keeps us hooked and entertained for hours on end. However, sometimes even the most successful and beloved shows can overstay their welcome, becoming a mere shadow of their former selves. A recent internet survey asked, “what TV series went on too long?” and here are the top 23 answers.


Roseanne ABC
Photo Credit: ABC.

“From changing actors to Dan’s infidelity to winning the lottery, it was all bad.”

“Anytime a show has a major event (like winning the lottery), it’s a sign it’s been on for two years too long already.”

“Anytime a major actor leaves, it’s time to stop. Recasting never works.”

Top Gear

Photo Credit: BBC Productions.

“Are they still making that? They tried to continue it after Hammond, Clarkson, and May were fired/left. Those three are the show, you can’t have it without them, and any attempts will be a very poor imitation.”

Two And A Half Men

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

“It definitely should’ve ended after Charlie was kicked out.”

“They tried to spin it that a rich guy buys the place and lets the old owner’s brother stay. It was SO dumb; they just needed to let it die.”

“Totally agree. Maybe one more episode explaining that he died and finish it.”

The Walking Dead

Photo Credit: AMC.

“The show itself turned into a zombie!”

“Yes. I liked Glenn, so the show ended for me when his head got bashed in.”

“They dragged storylines out longer than they needed to and included a lot of “filler” episodes.”


Scrubs ABC Studios
Photo Credit: ABC Studios.

“Scrubs had a perfect series finale, and then Season 9 happened. I mean, why?”

“I think all the fans accept season 8 is where scrubs ended. Season 9 was more of a spinoff than a continuation. Otherwise, it is a travesty.”

“The janitor (best character) didn’t appear, so season 9 was a flop.”

The Simpsons

The Simpsons 20th Television Animation
Photo Credit: 20th Television.

“It’s become a victim of its own success. It makes such a huge amount of money from merch; they don’t dare stop making it, even without good/original material.”

“Ironic, a show created by Gen Xers mocking the American culture of excess and wilful ignorance, and the creators become that very embodiment of American culture.”

Happy Days

Happy Days Paramount Television. Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions
Photo Credit: Paramount Television.

“This is literally the show that coined the phrase “jumping the shark” for a show that’s gone on too long.”

“Yep, jumping the shark or bringing in the Cousin Oliver-type character. Both are signs of impending doom.”


Riverdale Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix.

“They’re making the last season now, I believe.”

“I started to dislike it because the writing was way too much.”

“That show is hot garbage, and I can’t believe people have been watching it this long, even ironically.”


Heroes Universal Studios
Photo Credit: Universal Studios.

“I’m still depressed about that show. It had everything going right in the first season.”

“Season 1 was so much fun; everything after the writer’s strike was a let-down.”

“I don’t think it was the writer’s strike. Tim Kring screwed it. Any writers who disagreed with him became unemployed.”


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

“I used to say that about Supernatural until it indeed ended. Then I just binge-watched the whole thing for the good episodes.”

“I’ve tried to watch it all the way through 4 times, and I always burn out during season 5.”

“I stopped watching after season three; it had clearly peaked early.”


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

“It didn’t need ten seasons. Clark Kent defeated all of Superman’s enemies before he ever became Superman while he was still in high school!”

“I forgot about Smallville. The last seasons felt superfluous, and the ending was poor.”

Greys Anatomy

Photo Credit: ABC.

“So true. It 100% lost the plot after all the main characters left.”

“Respect to Ellen Pompeo for admitting she’s only still doing it for the paycheck and job stability.”

“I have watched from the beginning, so feel committed; every year, I hope it will be the last season, so I can be done with it.”

That 70s Show  

That 70s Show The Carsey-Werner Company
Photo Credit: The Carsey-Werner Company.

“When Eric and Kelso left, it just plummeted in my opinion.”

“The final season where Eric and Kelso are only mentioned a few times and barely appear; they really ended on a much lower note than the rest of the series.”

“Season 7 was tolerable, but the whole season felt very aimless. Season 8 wasn’t good.”


Glee 20th Century Fox Television
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

“It lost itself after most of the characters went to college.”

“There’s nothing like the first season of Glee. Then they started forcing everything.”

“The season 1 song smash-ups were what made the show universally enjoyable. After that, they became more and more obscure.”

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix.

“One season was all that show needed. They did not need three more seasons to make us believe all the kids in that town were varying degrees of horrible.”

“It went from a show where I was sad one girl died to me wishing they all died.”

“They squeezed four seasons out of that? I thought it was crazy when they did the second.”


Suits Open 4 Business Productions. Universal Content Productions. Hypnotic Films _ Television
Photo Credit: Universal Content Productions.

“Especially when all they needed to do was hire Mike as a consultant instead of an attorney; 90% of the plot lines would have disappeared neatly.”

“I loved that show for a few years, but it became ridiculous pretty fast.”

“They took away the main character, who had set the whole show apart from the rest.”

The 100

The 100 Warner Bros. Television Bonanza Production
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

“By mid-season 3, I was missing the times when it was the kids against the grounders.”

“I’d say it should have ended after season 4, but they would have had to change it quite a bit to make it make sense as an ending.”

“I just consider each season after 4 to be its own spin-off with new characters that happen to have the same name and look like the original cast.”

Arrested Development

Arrested Development Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix.

“The original three seasons were nearly flawless, and they ended well. The 4th season was not the same, and the 5th season was just terrible; a sour note to end on that has definitely harmed the show’s legacy.”

“As excited as we fans were that Netflix took a chance and brought it back, I wish we had just been grateful for those first 53 episodes and left it at that.”


Photo Credit: NBC.

“I can agree on this, but I do still watch it because I just love Raymond as a character.”

“I’m sad about what they did with Elizabeth, so I stopped watching because I couldn’t stand it anymore. Now I need to go read spoilers.”

“I liked it in the beginning but got bored.”