19 TV Shows We’re STILL Upset Got Canceled

Have you ever watched a TV series only to be gutted when it gets cut short by a season? A recent online survey asked, “Which canceled TV show deserved another season?” Here are the top 19 responses.

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me MGM Television
Photo Credit: MGM Television.

“I loved the humor and the concept.”

“Ellen Muth was great in it, and it’s sad she didn’t do much after Dead Like Me.”


Jericho CBS Paramount Network Television
Photo Credit: CBS Paramount Network Television.

“Let’s be honest. This would be one of the best ‘remakes’ of our time.”

“One of my favorites.”


Photo Credit: Netflix.

“Mindhunter has entered the chat.”

“Mindhunter is the first series I actually got super bummed out about being canceled. The story, the actors, the music. It was a shame.”


Firefly 20th Century Fox Television
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

“The potential for a new iconic Sci-Fi world with offshoots was exceptional.”

“At least the show creator outlined the central mystery after it was canceled.”

Inside Job

Photo Credit: Netflix.

“Inside Job made it two seasons before getting axed on a cliffhanger. I still want to know what happens.”

“This is how I found out Inside Job got canceled, sigh.”

Teen Titans

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Animation.

“It’s a bummer because every character got one season where they were the focus of the ongoing plot. Season one was Robin, season two was Terra, season three was Cyborg, season four was Raven, and season five was Beast Boy. It was set up perfectly to have a sixth season focused on Starfire, and we never got it.”


Photo Credit: HBO.

“Yes. Rome! It was Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones.”

“Rome walked so Game of Thrones could run….into a post.”


Photo Credit: The CW.

“I hate that they don’t cast Tyler Labine in more comedy stuff. Reaper was a fantastic showcase of his hilarity…”

“From what I remember, it was canceled because they wanted The Vampire Diaries in that time slot. Guess they made a good move, considering the success of it, but I still hate them for canceling Reaper.”

Venture Bros

Venture Bros NoodleSoup Productions
Photo Credit: NoodleSoup Productions.

“I love the Venture Bros. I’m dead excited about the film, but I’d equally take another few seasons.”

“Go Team Venture!”


Travelers Peacock Alley Entertainment
Photo Credit: Peacock Alley Entertainment.

“That should never have been canceled. They could have taken that in so many places. I loved the characters.”

“I’d love to see a season where it’s done from The Factions’ perspective.”

I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not Okay With This Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix.

“It had so much potential, not to mention they left so much unanswered at the end of the season purposely so they could make a second one.”

“Or they could’ve at least finished it like in the original material.”

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks And Geeks DreamWorks Television Release
Photo Credit: DreamWorks Television Release.

“One season was not enough.”

“We all WANTED another season, but I think a year in the life was absolutely perfect. Everyone got a little arc, and we said goodbye.”

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Dark Horse Entertainment
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Entertainment.

“What happened after that cliffhanger?”

“Oh my Goodness, yes! The show was getting better and better Sci-Fi channel couldn’t stand doing actual sci-fi.”

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

“Definitely this one. I loved the series and wanted to see where it was going.”

“Plus, one more season could wrap it up nicely.”

John Constantine

John Constantine Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

“Yeah, Matt Ryan was a great fit for the character.”

“At least he’s still Constantine in animation.”

Almost Human

Almost Human Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

“It was such a great concept, and Karl Urban is always great. Unfortunately, it got Fox’d like so many other shows.”

“Quality writing, well-acted, and really good production value — it’s a shame this show didn’t get the love it deserved.”

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Dirk Gently_s Holistic Detective Agency AMC Studios
Photo Credit: AMC Studios.

“That show is still my absolute favorite.”

“This was so gloriously, bizarrely brilliant.”

The Owl House

The Owl House Disney Television Animation
Photo Credit: Disney Television Animation.

“The Owl House wasn’t outright canceled, but was shortened from a full 20-episode season three to three specials.”

“They got the news that season three would be shortened before they were finished with season two, I’m pretty sure, so they had to basically redirect the whole show.”

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted 20th Century Fox Television
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

“I loved Better Off Ted!”

“The show was a brilliant satire of corporate business that was far too funny. Amazing cast, incredibly quotable, and ended far too soon.”