90s Film Buff Challenge: How Many of These Underappreciated Movies Have You Seen?

So, you think you’re a ‘90s film buff, huh? Well, let’s see how deep your movie knowledge really goes. We’ve got 18 underappreciated gems that didn’t make the mainstream cut but are pure gold. Count how many you’ve ticked off!

A Goofy Movie

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

Who can forget Max’s teenage angst and Goofy’s clumsy yet endearing parenting? In a mishmash of vibrant animation and catchy tunes, this film paints a poignant picture of a father-son relationship, balancing the hilarious and the heartfelt.

Empire Records

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Studios.

Set in a quirky record store, this film features a group of misfit employees trying to save their workplace from becoming a bland chain store. A pulsating soundtrack and memorable characters make it an underground classic.

Dark City

Dark City (1998) - New Line Cinema
Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

An amnesiac wakes up accused of murder, unraveling a twisted plot in a city where the sun never shines. This dark, atmospheric film boasts a blend of noir, science fiction, and mystery that keeps viewers on the edge.

Waiting for Guffman

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

In a small town, an eccentric director rounds up locals for a musical revue, convinced Broadway producers will witness their talent. A hilarious, absurd journey, overflowing with misplaced confidence and ridiculous musical numbers.

Heavenly Creatures

Photo Credit: Miramax Films.

Two teenage girls, immersed in a fantasy world, become dangerously obsessed with each other. Based on a true story, the film explores intense friendship, fantasy, and madness, with a dash of visual spectacle.


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

A girl falls for a charming stranger, but charm gives way to obsession. The film morphs into a heart-pounding thriller, a twisted love story that combines teenage naivety with menacing darkness.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

A hitman attends his high school reunion and comedy ensues. Mix in a lost love and fellow assassins, and you get a quirky mix of dark comedy, romance, and action.


Photo Credit: Miramax Films.

A young boy, caught in a dangerous world of crime, uses his wit to navigate between drug dealers and enforcers. This raw, emotional narrative reveals a harrowing glimpse into the complexities of inner-city life.

Dead Man

Photo Credit: Miramax Films.

With a star-studded cast and stunning black-and-white visuals, viewers journey through the Wild West with a naive accountant and a Native American outcast, leading to an existential discovery amidst violence and beauty.

The Ref

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

A burglar becomes an unexpected mediator for a bickering couple he takes hostage during Christmas. Amidst the chaos, laugh-out-loud moments blend seamlessly with touching revelations about love and family.

Before Sunrise

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Two strangers meet on a train, spending an unforgettable night together in Vienna. As they wander the city, their profound, whimsical conversations create a love story that defies the typical romantic narrative.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Photo Credit: Artisan Entertainment.

Ghost Dog, a hitman, follows the ancient code of the Samurai. Quirky and profound, the film juggles philosophical reflections with organized crime, set to a hypnotic soundtrack.

Out of Sight

Photo Credit: Universal-Pictures.

Bank robber meets U.S. Marshal, and an unusual romance bubbles amidst crime and cat-and-mouse chases. Smooth, charismatic performances render this crime-comedy an unmissable, funny, and thrilling watch.

Breaking the Waves

Photo Credit: Zentropa.

Love, faith, and sacrifice clash in this visually stunning and emotionally charged drama. Emily Watson’s breakout role as a devoted wife torn between religious beliefs and the love for her husband is both harrowing and mesmerizing.


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics.

Over one night, a group of friends confront their dreams and disappointments. With sharp dialogue and poignant moments, the film captures the raw energy and emotion of youth on the brink of adulthood.

After Hours

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

A New Yorker’s quest for a simple date night spirals into a chaotic, bizarre night. Every turn introduces eccentric characters and absurd obstacles, painting the city as a vibrant, unpredictable character itself.


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics,

A housewife develops a mysterious illness and embarks on a compelling journey of self-discovery amidst personal and societal obstacles. The film’s haunting atmosphere and Julianne Moore’s powerful performance make it an unforgettable experience.

The Last Seduction

Photo Credit: Incorporated Television Company.

A femme fatale steals money from her husband and tries to escape to a small town. What follows is a twisted game of manipulation and deceit, painting a gripping portrait of crime, seduction, and betrayal.