A Woman Took an Uber to Her Sister’s Wedding Without Her Parents, When They Were 35 Minutes Late to the Ceremony Everyone Blamed Her

A woman was getting ready for her sister’s wedding and decided to order an Uber without her parents. The family were angry and blamed her for not getting her parents there on time.

Her Sister Recently Got Married 

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She explains, “My sister got married last weekend. I flew into town and my parents insisted that I stay with them instead of a hotel, like I wanted.”

Her Parents Are Always Late

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She says that her parents are consistently late for everything. She disagrees with this, “I hate being late. I think it’s disrespectful.”

The Wedding Was Scheduled to Start at 2.30pm

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She explained that her parents live 30 minutes away from the venue. They would have to leave by 1.30pm to arrive at a reasonable time.

Late Getting Ready

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At 12pm she realized that her parents hadn’t started getting ready yet and at this rate, they would be late. She explained her feelings about this, “They are adults and I am over dealing with them.”

She Booked an Uber

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The woman explained that she got dressed and ready to go, and booked an Uber. She arrived at the venue early, at 2pm.

Concerned Sister

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She checked in with her sister, “She asked me if I had any problems getting my parents to church. I told her that I came by myself”. Her sister became distressed and told the woman that she was responsible for getting their parents to the wedding on time. 

Her Parents Were Late

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Everyone grew worried that the parents wouldn’t arrive on time. They were 35 minutes late to the wedding and the service had to be shortened.

The Family Blamed Her

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She explained, “Everyone is still mad at me for not getting my parents there on time”. Her aunt even told her that she messed up the wedding. Her mother said that it was her fault for not reminding them to get ready.  

Was She in the Wrong?

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Should she have made sure her parents got there on time? Could she have handled the situation differently?

She Turned to the Internet for Opinions

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One Person Commented, “If they need to be reminded to get ready on their daughter’s wedding day, they need a live-in caretaker. Unless you were specifically asked to get them to the church, that’s not your job.”

Another Person Gave Their Perspective 

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I’m guessing everyone’s blaming you because you’re the comfortable, stress-free option. People know that you’re not going to blow up.”

Most People Agreed

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If they knew this was likely to happen with your parents, your sister and aunt should have let you know ahead of time that they expected you to help check in on the parents. You’re an adult, as are they.”

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