Can You Get Banned For Using A Scuf Controller?

Many gamers wonder if you can get banned for using a Scuf controller as it can offer a competitive advantage when gaming. In this article, I will explain why using Scuff controllers is perfectly legal in gaming tournaments, during online public matches and why they won’t get you banned.

In short, Scuf controllers will not get you banned because it does not allow you to do anything that the standard official controller (such as the Playstation DS4, D5 or Xbox controller) cannot do. A Scuf controller does not alter game code to provide a competitive advantage and as this is not considered cheating, you will not get banned for using one.

What Are Scuff Controllers?

Scuf controllers are customized versions of your standard Playstation and Xbox controllers that potentially give Gamers a competitive advantage over the standard controller.

They also provide improved ergonomics and reduced latency when performing certain button presses through the back paddles. This will help with hand fatigue when playing longer gaming sessions.   

Scuff controllers also offer an alternative way of pressing certain buttons without lifting your thumb off the thumbsticks, or less travel to activate a trigger button press to provide a split-second advantage

A big selling feature of Scuf is the customisation of how the controller looks.

Nearly every button and panel of a Scuf controller can be customised to a wide range of colours, patterns or designs.

You could customise the controller to your favourite sports team colours, your favourite Anime character or, if you are an up-and-coming streamer, the controller can be colour coded to your branding.

Scuf also offers custom designs from your favourite streamer. Nick Mercs, Swagg and Castro all have their own customised controllers that you can buy.   

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro front
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Can You Get Banned For Using A Scuf Controller?

Some of the biggest Streamers in gaming such as Nick Mercs, Aydan and Swagg are sponsored by Scuf, and have won tournaments held by the major Call of Duty eSports organisations.

If tournaments such as World Series of Warzone, Toronto Ultra and Twitch Rivals all allow the use of a Scuf controller you will not get banned from your favourite games when playing public matches when using one. 

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro in box
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What Competitive Advantage Do Scuf Controllers Provide?

There are four key advantages to using a Scuff controller:

Back Paddles

One of the main features is the back paddles that can be added when configuring a Scuf controller.

Having back paddles allows gamers to remap other controller buttons to the back paddles.

This means you can access specific buttons of your choice using your fingers that naturally rest on the back of the controller:

How is this useful in games you may ask? If you have played a First person shooter game before, you will probably be aware that making your game character jump and shoot at the same time (aka a bunny hop) is a big advantage when trying to win a gun fight.

If you did not have back paddles, the likelihood of having to say press X or O on the controller to jump using your thumb, then moving your thumb back to the thumb stick to aim and then shoot at the enemy is very high.   

The advantage of using one of the back paddles to initiate the jump means your thumb does not leave the right thumb stick that is usually used for aiming.

This means you can potentially refine your aim whilst jumping which should make you harder to hit and increase your aim in a gun fight.

If you didn’t have the back paddle that split second where your thumb initiates a jump by pressing one of the face buttons, and then moves back to the thumb stick to aim could mean losing the gunfight.

There are other methods to do this without using back paddles such as playing Claw, but this is a big change to how most people would hold a controller, so having back paddles should be easier to adapt to compared to switching to a Claw playstyle. 

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro standard paddles
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Digital Tap Triggers

Another feature that Scuf controllers can bring to an FPS game is the digital tap triggers.

The standard PS4/5 or Xbox one/Series X controllers have L2/R2 triggers. To register a press of L2/R2 there is a certain amount of travel when pressing to initiate the trigger button press.

Having a digital trigger means there is no travel and a click of the trigger will fire your gun in an FPS game. It therefore works in a similar fashion to a mouse click.

In FPS games such as Warzone where the time to kill (TTK) is so short, being able to click the trigger and fire your gun a split second faster than your opponent can again win you the gunfight.

Bear in mind that something like this is NOT useful at all in say a driving game, where a trigger is needed to determine how fast you want to accelerate or brake depending on how far you press the trigger.  Before you opt for this customization consider the types of games you will likely play using a digital tap trigger.   

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro digital triggers
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Configure Thumbstick

Other features such as configuring a taller thumbstick.  A taller thumbstick can allow more precise aiming as it allows for more angles and more accurate movement of the thumbstick itself. 

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro front 2
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Reduce Hand Fatigue

The other advantages that a scuff can bring relate to helping with hand fatigue during longer gaming sessions.  Grips can be added and weight removed if you don’t require the rumble functionality.   

Is Using Scuf Controllers Considered Cheating?

Scuf controllers are not considered cheating as it does not alter game code to give you an advantage.

Although a digital tap trigger should potentially allow you to press the trigger much faster compared to a standard trigger, a Scuf does not allow for an auto fire function of the trigger. It therefore cannot surpass how many times a human finger can tap the trigger.

A Scuf controller does not auto control the recoil of a gun in Warzone for you. However, the increased height of the thumb stick (if you have it configured) can potentially help with controlling the recoil and improve your aim. This theoretically allows for better micro-adjustments.

Think of it as allowing you to perform the same actions as using a standard controller, but with refinements on how these actions are performed.

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro angle
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Which Professional Gamers Use Scuf Controllers?


Kris Lamberson aka Swagg is one of the biggest Warzone streamers and has his own line of Scuf Controllers. Swagg has won the Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament twice (in 2020 and 2021) using a Scuff controller.

Check out his Youtube channel for Twitch for Warzone gameplay using a Scuf controller.

Nick Mercs

Nick Kolchef is one of the biggest Twitch streamers who is also sponsored by Scuf and has his own Scuf controller. Nick is famed for being a top-level competitor in Gears of War, Fortnite, Warzone and more recently Apex Legends.

Check out Nick’s Youtube channel.


Aydan is one of the top 3 earners in Warzone, another player who found his fame from Fortnite before progressing to Warzone. Aydan is also sponsored by Scuf and has his own customised Scuf controllers.

Check out Aydan’s Twitch channel.


So, can you get banned from using scuff controllers? The answer is no because Scuf controllers don’t alter game code and don’t allow you to do anything different compared to a standard controller. Scuf controllers refine certain button presses/combinations compared to a standard controller and are used by the biggest streamers in the world to win tournaments where winnings top $100,000+

The Call of Duty League (CDL) is a professional esports league owned by Activision (who produce the Call of Duty games) is controller only and Scuf is the official controller of the CDL.  If CDL Pro players don’t get banned from using a Scuf controller then you surely won’t.  

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