How To Remap a Scuf Controller Without EMR (Easy Guide)

One of the many configuration options available to you when purchasing a Scuf controller is EMR (Electromagnetic remapping). But can you remap a Scuf controller without EMR?

The answer is yes and this article will guide you through the process of remapping your back paddles without an EMR key as well as remapping a Scuf controller without EMR being configured.

I will also explain what my preference is and why it could be worthwhile for you to configure EMR as well.

Scuf controller with EMR key front facing magnetically attached
Scuf controller with EMR key front facing magnetically attached

What is EMR?

EMR is a technology that Scuf created to allow gamers to remap the back paddles of their Scuf controllers to other buttons of their choice. Remapping of the back paddles is actioned via a supplied EMR key.

Note that not all buttons can be mapped to the rear paddles.

Front of Scuf EMR key
Front of Scuf EMR key

Can You Remap a Scuf Controller Without EMR?

Only some Scuf controllers require EMR to remap the back paddles to other face buttons on the controller.

The latest Scuf controllers such as the Scuf Reflex or the Scuf Instinct will include remapping of the back paddles at no additional cost.

If you are buying or already own a Scuf Infinity 4PS or a Scuf Impact then these will require EMR to remap the back paddles.

Scuf controller remappable rear paddles
Scuf controller remappable rear paddles

Why I configured EMR On My Scuf Infinity 4PS

My preference was to add EMR to my Scuf Infinity4PS when I decided which configuration options I wanted.

Currently, the cost of adding EMR is $14.99 / £14.99 / €19.99 depending on which country you are purchasing.

To me, this isn’t an insignificant cost on top of the price I paid for the controller and I think it is worthwhile in the long term.

By default, the left paddle is mapped to X on PS4 and A on Xbox, the right paddle is mapped to O on PS4 and B on Xbox.

If I did not specify EMR this cannot be changed. Most games will allow you to change your controller configuration, and you could probably find a configuration that allows you to use the back paddles as you wish.

But having EMR allows even more flexibility to remap the paddles to most of the controller face buttons I want, this was especially useful for me as my main game is Warzone.

Warzone used set button layout configurations, in that it does not allow you to change specific actions to any button on the controller of your choice.

I was so used to playing on the default button layout, having EMR allowed me to map the left paddle to crouch and the right paddle to jump which feels more natural to me.

Without EMR my left paddle would jump and my right paddle would crouch, I was not prepared to spend months getting used to this change.

I also think that in the future when I play a new game using my Scuf Infinity 4PS controller, the flexibility to map most controller face buttons to my back paddle of choice is beneficial.

Until all games allow you to set up your own controller configuration and will enable every action to be configured to your button of choice, then having EMR is always going to be helpful.

Scuf controller with EMR key rear facing magnetically attached
Scuf controller with EMR key rear facing magnetically attached

How To Remap Back paddles using EMR

Step 1 Turn on the game console and your SCUF controller.

Step 2 Place the EMR Mag Key on the back of the controller, the magnet symbol should then attach itself to the controller.

Step 3 Press and hold the paddle that you wish to map a controller face button to.

Step 4 Press and hold the function (For example the left thumbstick down button or the Dpad up button) that you would like to map to a paddle.

Step 5 Release the button that you held down in Step 4.

Step 6 Release the paddle.

Step 7 Remove the EMR Mag Key from the back of the controller. Place it at least 5cm away from the controller so you do not accidentally enter button remapping mode again.

Step 8 Start your game of choice and check that the paddle that you remapped now corresponds to the controller button you selected in Step 4.

Rear of Scuf EMR key
Rear of Scuf EMR key

I Did Not Configure EMR, Can I Still Remap The Rear Paddles?

In some cases, it is still possible to remap your controller even if you did not configure EMR, or if you bought the controller and do not know if EMR was ever configured.

Through my research, I have seen a good number of reports where Gamers have been able to remap their Scuf controllers even when EMR was not configured, or if they were not sure (for example if they bought a used controller).

You can test this by using a strong magnet and following the steps in the ‘How to remap back paddles using EMR’ section above. Where the steps mention the EMR Mag Key, use a strong magnet instead.

Some gamers who have tried this have reported that they were able to remap their paddles. A strong magnet can be bought for very little cost, and this is worth trying if you are desperate to remap your Scuf controller paddles.

My theory as to why some controllers still allow for remapping even though EMR was not configured, is that possibly Scuf has pre-built controllers with EMR configured in a large batch ready to ship.

As lead times to build and ship controllers can take a long time, it may have been faster for Scuf to ship these controllers with EMR configured and fulfill their backlog of orders which did not specify EMR.

Also note that if you have EMR configured, but have misplaced the EMR Mag Key, using a strong magnet could save you from buying a new EMR Mag Key.

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