From Zero to Hero: She Was Bullied in Middle School and Became a Model Years Later, Was She Petty to Ignore Her Tormentors at A School Reunion?

In middle school, a 23-year-old Asian woman, who identifies as neurodivergent, experienced exclusion and harsh treatment from her classmates. She went on to live a happier life in her adult years, but her awareness of this fact was set to cause tensions with her past classmates.

Treated As An Outsider

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Back in middle school, the woman had lived in a predominately Asian area, yet she still felt like she was treated as an outsider. She felt that she was treated harshly by her peers due to her being chubby and academically inferior. 

“Not Asian Enough”

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The woman continued to explain other reasons for her suffering in middle school. “My peers would constantly be passive-aggressive to me and act like I was a pest whenever I was trying to genuinely be nice. They claimed that I ‘wasn’t Asian enough’”.

Seeking Acceptance

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Due to the continuous mistreatment, she decided to distance herself from those who made her feel unwelcome. Instead, she sought the companionship of people who genuinely accepted her for who she was.

Transformation Over Time

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After high school, the woman went through significant personal changes. She lost a considerable amount of weight and formed a friendship with a photographer who helped her start a career in high fashion editorial modeling. “I’m certainly not a supermodel, but I’m proud of my position, and I’m aware that I’m very fortunate to be in the position I am in.”

Reunion Night

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Recently, the woman had attended her middle school reunion with a group of friends she had known since those difficult middle school years. The atmosphere was uncomfortable, and she primarily engaged in conversations with her close friends or those who had treated her kindly. 

Ignoring The Past

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When former classmates who had previously mistreated her attempted to initiate conversations, she opted to ignore them. From her perspective, ignoring those who had once treated her poorly seemed justifiable.

Conflict Arises

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One individual, who had publicly humiliated her by sharing her low test scores during middle school, confronted her. He accused her of acting stuck up and believing she was better than everyone else. Her response was unapologetic, asserting that her career success validated her over-confidence.

A Back-And-Forth Exchange

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The confrontation escalated as the woman brought up the man’s past mistreatment of her. Her friends intervened, suggesting they leave to defuse the situation.

Differing Perspectives

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While her friends supported her stance, they still expressed that she could have tried to be more amicable for the sake of peace, especially considering the bullying had occurred almost a decade ago.

The Verdict

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The woman began to feel embarrassed, fearing that she had made a fool out of herself at her middle school reunion by acting too high and mighty. She posted her story on an online community group, hoping to receive a verdict from others. “Middle school reunion???”, questioned one shocked reader. “Jesus Christ, why???”

The New Bully

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Many people agreed with the sentiment that a middle school reunion was a recipe for disaster. However, other readers offered a serious verdict to the woman. “Congrats, you’re now the bully” one person applauded her sarcastically. “I’m sure if you practice harder, you can really turn it up for your high school reunion.”

Acting Like A Child

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The woman was disappointed to find that almost everyone agreed that she had acted in the wrong. “So basically, to punish the children that acted like children, you – as an adult – acted like a rude child… gotcha”, explained another commenter. 

Seek Therapy

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Many people expressed their disbelief at the ridiculous way the woman had acted. “Assuming this is real, you went there to pick a fight” analyzed one reader. “Find a therapist and work on moving past freaking middle school.”

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