Why Should I Get A Scuf Controller? (5 Reasons)

So you are interested in purchasing a customized controller to improve your gameplay or seeking a competitive advantage when competing amongst your friends. Scuf controllers are one of the most well know brands when it comes to customized controllers, so you must be asking yourself ‘Why should I get a Scuf Controller?’ Read on for 5 reasons why you should. 

5 reasons to get a Scuff controller

Reason 1: Competitive edge in certain games

Scuf controllers can provide a competitive edge in your favorite games through various customization options. This can range from having back paddles to remap specific buttons, taller thumbsticks to provide increased accuracy or simply reducing the weight of the controller to minimize hand fatigue and enjoy longer gaming sessions.

Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Reason 2: Scuf offers customized versions of the most popular controllers in gaming

Scuf controllers are essentially customized PlayStation and Xbox controllers and most gamers will have a preference. You can therefore be certain that Scuf will have your favorite covered. Scuf has also recently released customizable versions of the PS5 and Xbox series X controllers.

These are:

  • Scuf Instinct = Xbox series X/S + PC controller
  • Scuf Infinity 4PS = Sony DS4 controller for Playstation and PC users
  • Scuf Impact = Larger DS4-shaped controller, for Playstation and PC users. 
  • Scuf Reflex = PS5 DS5 controller for PS5 and PC users
Scuf Impact White
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Reason 3: Customise your controller to match your brand, theme or favorite Anime/team/PC theme/Room Theme 

The are many color customization options available on a Scuf controller. This means that you can change the color of nearly every aspect of the controller including the faceplate, the buttons, the thumbsticks or the touchpad on the PlayStation controllers.

You can match the controller to your favorite sports team or Anime TV show. PC customization is very popular so your controller could also be customized to match your PC and setup. This is especially useful if you are an up-and-coming streamer and want to match your own branding.

Reason 4: Be like your favorite Streamer / Support favorite streamer sponsored by Scuf / Pro player

Certain streamers have their own line of custom-designed controllers. Support your favorite streamers or Esports teams such as Swagg, Nick Mercs, JoeWo, Optic or Faze by using their customized controllers. If it is good enough for Pro players and Pro eSports teams then it is good enough for you. 

Reason 5: Compatible with PC

All of the available Scuf controllers are compatible with PC. I started playing Warzone on PlayStation 4 Pro and made the natural upgrade path to PC for better field of view, better framerates and all-around better performance/visuals. I suspect a lot of gamers who play first-person shooters on console to begin with, would want to upgrade to PC at some point. Having a Scuf means you can still use it on a PC after making the upgrade.

Scuf Infinity 4PS on Gaming PC
Photo Credit: Smart Gaming Lab

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Scuf Controllers Improve Aim?

Yes, Scuf controllers can improve aim if you specify the taller thumbsticks. Taller thumbsticks can allow for better precision, more angles, and more accurate movement.

Is Using A Scuf Controller Considered Cheating?

Using a Scuf controller is not considered cheating, Scuf controllers are used in some of the biggest gaming tournaments/leagues in the world. Scuf also sponsors some of the biggest Streamers in the world, you will not get banned for using a Scuf controller.

How Long Does A Scuf Controller Last?

Scuf controllers have a warranty period of 6 months. Scuf users have reported their controllers lasting around 12-18 months, but this would depend on your usage.

Do Scuf Controllers Have Stick Drift?

Scuf controllers can have stick drift. Official Playstation and Xbox controllers are not immune to developing stick drift, and as Scuf controllers are customized versions of these controllers, stick drift could occur.

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